Friday, November 5, 2010

The Real Sachika Twin

My friend Christine aka She Boss Priss and I were fortunate enough to meet the hottest twins, the Sachika Twins. These girls are so cool and down to earth. The Sachika Twins, also known as To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika, are fashion's yin and yang; each sister possessing qualities that compliment the other. To-Tam aka "the righty," is a musical maestro with a mind for business. She handles the marketing and sales division of SACHIKA. While To-Nya, aka "the Lefty, is the more artistic of the two. Her creative decisions and original designs are what shine on the fashion forefront. They were born to Vietnamese parents, just five minutes apart in Paris, but bred in Montreal. SACHIKA in Japanese means: "more wishes, more fortune, and more happiness."
SACHIKA dresses are made to be versatile. SACHIKA specializes in classy yet flirty, and flattering feminine dresses. The label effortlessly takes the woman from day to evening saving her the hassle of going home and changing after a busy day's work.

For more about the Sachika Twins you can follow them on twitter: @thesachikatwins
or Myspace:

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